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Uberti El Patron 357 Used Excellent

$669.00 $529.99

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Description: Uberti El Patron 357 Used Excellent
Manufacturer: A. Uberti
Model #: El Patron
Type: Revolver
Finish: Matte Black Stainless Steel Slide
Stock: Checkered Walnut
Barrel: 4.75
Caliber: 357
Capacity: 6
Action: Single Action
Receiver: Case Hardened Steel
Uberti’s factory custom-tuned models have…
Color case-hardened or stainless steel frames
Numbered cylinders
Steel backstraps and trigger guards
Checkered walnut grips
Wide, easy-view front and rear sights
The gunsmiths at Uberti have fitted each El Patrón with high-grade, U.S.-manufactured Wolff® springs. And each revolver has been carefully tested and certified for fit and function. They are reliable, light, and fast, with a smooth-tuned action.