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Taurus PT1911FS 45AP PST 8RD B FS Used

$575.99 $425.99

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Description: TAU PT1911FS 45AP PST 8RD B FS
Manufacturer: Taurus
Model #: 1911 FS
Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto
Finish: Blue
Stock: Black Checkered
Sights: Heinie Straight 8 rear, Fiber Optic Frt
Barrel: 5
Overall Length: 8.5
Weight: 38 oz
Caliber: 45AP
Capacity: 8+1
Action: Single Action
# of Mags: 3 Magazine with Bumper Pad
Receiver: Blue, Checkered Front Strap
Features: Beavertail Grip Safety with Memory Pad
Ventilated and Lightened Trigger, Extended Flaired Mag Well
Condition: Used, Good to Very Good