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Description: S&W M&PL  40SW PST 5B 15RD
Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson|Smith & Wesson Performance Ctr
Model #: M&PL Pro Series CORE
Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto
Finish: Matte Black Stainless Steel Slide
Stock: Black Polymer Frame w/Small, Med & Large Grips
Sights: Ft: White Dot Dovetail Rr: Fixed 2-Dot and Sightmark Mini Shot Pro Green
Barrel: 5
Overall Length: 8.5
Weight: 26 oz
Caliber: 40SW
Capacity: 15+1
Action: Double Action Only (Striker Fired Action)
# of Mags: 2
Receiver: Polymer with Picatinny-Style Rail
Features: Ambidextrous Slide Release, Reversible Mag Catch
No Internal Lock Model, No Magazine Safety