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SCCY CPX-2 9mm

$314.00 $259.99

Prozac 20 mg to buy - Buy Prozac canada

Description: SCY CPX-2 TT 9MM DAO SS 10RD
Manufacturer: SCCY Industries
Model #: CPX-2-TT
Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto
Finish: Satin Stainless Steel
Stock: Black Polymer W/ Absorbing Cushion On Backstrap
Sights: 3-Dot, Rear Sight Adjustable for Windage
Barrel: 3.1
Overall Length: 5.7
Weight: 15 oz
Caliber: 9MM
Capacity: 10+1
Action: Double Action Only
# of Mags: 2 W/ Finger Ext Base Plate & Spare Flat Base
Receiver: Black Polymer with Finger Grooves