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Rock Island M1911A1FS TAC 45AP 5PRK 8R

$601.56 $506.99

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Description: ARM M1911A1FS TAC 45AP 5PRK 8R
Manufacturer: Armscor|Rock Island Armory
Model #: M1911-A1 FS Tac ROCK Standard FS
Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto
Finish: Parkerized
Stock: Black Rubber, Checkered
Sights: FT: Dovetail Ramp RR: Snag Free
Barrel: 5
Overall Length: 8.5
Weight: 39.52 oz
Caliber: 45AP
Capacity: 8+1
Action: Single Action
# of Mags: 1
Receiver: Parkerized Steel Frame
Features: Series 70 Type Firing System, Beaver Tail Safety, Combat Hammer, Skeletonized Trigger